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food and beverage softwareThe increased consumer preference for healthy food alternatives has driven food companies to aggressively innovate and launch new products in an effort to respond to the changing market demands and to maintain a competitive edge. Increasing both the success rate of new product introductions and speed to market are major challenges for companies in the Food Industry.

The ProductVision Product Development System shortens and streamlines your product development process, resulting in faster time to market. It automates recipe creation with automatic calculation of all nutritional property and costing information. Query features allow you to easily find existing recipes that may meet new requirements. All recipe revisions are automatically maintained. Product development tasks can be tracked and controlled using Project and Workflow features.

Create Facts Panels and Ingredient Declarations at the Touch of a Button

ProductVision’s seamlessly integrated Nutrition Label Module automatically creates food nutrition labels and ingredient declarations which comply with the current U.S. NLEA regulations as well as current and pending regulations for Canadian and European Union labels. This greatly reduces the time required to create product labels and guarantees consistency with the recipe.

The program calculates and prints the proper nutrient values and percentage of daily values (US label). It also applies the specific rounding rules for each nutrition value as specified in the regulations and automatically reports nutrients that are “not a significant source” in the lower part of the facts panel.  The Ingredient Declaration includes features for ingredient reconstitution (for dry ingredients) and ingredient grouping (e.g. “Vegetable Oils” for corn oil, canola oil, etc.) to ensure that your declaration is properly formatted.

Links to the Industry Standard ESHA Research Nutritional Database

Through our partnership with ESHA Research, you can access nutritional information for over 48,000 foods contained in the ESHA Genesis R&D nutrition database.  Simply locate the ingredients that match yours using ProductVision’s powerful search utilities and copy up to 163 nutrient factors contained in the database.

Calculated Properties Aid in Determination of Allergens and Kosher Status

You can easily track additional product requirements such as Kosher, Allergen content, and country-specific regulations using ProductVision properties.

The Property detail screen allows you to drill-down to the ingredient level to determine which ingredients, if any, cause an allergen condition.

“What If” Feature Allows You to Quickly Created New Recipes

With ProductVision’s “What-If” analysis tool, you can quickly prototype new products. You may set a target property or cost value for a product, “float” one or more components, and have the system arrive at the correct composition to meet the target.

Alternately, a recipe’s composition can be directly edited and ProductVision will recalculate and display the new product properties, such as nutritional values.

Formila CompareCompare Recipes Side-by-Side to Determine the Best Alternative

ProductVision allows you to compare an unlimited number of recipes directly in a spread-sheet view making comparisons of similar products a snap.

The recipe comparison is “tabbed” to allow you to compare recipe compositions, properties, specifications, ingredient declarations, notes, alerts, and other information directly.  For further study, you can quickly export some or all of the information to Excel.  For ingredients, the ingredient comparison feature may be used similarly

Single Source for Product Information

ProductVision eliminates the need for multiple systems (spreadsheets, databases, additional software packages) to maintain product recipe, nutritional, specification and costing information. ProductVision gives the user a single source of information. With ProductVision there is one database which holds all information concerning ingredients and recipes, and that same integrated system handles the automatic calculation of product properties, costs, nutrition “Facts” labels and ingredient statements.  Product Developers have access to information from their peers throughout the company, thus food scientists work together as a team.

ProductVision Includes Extensive Reporting

ProductVision has many standard reports which allow you to view your ingredient, recipe composition and property information, as well as allowing you to create your own custom reports using our ProductVision reporting tool.

The ProductVision Product Development System dramatically reduces the time traditionally required for development of new or improved products. ProductVision provides the tools necessary to manage all aspects of new product creation from recipe development to packaging and manufacturing requirements.

Special Features for Baking Companies

Property Calculations for Baking Companies
Accurate reporting of nutritional information is complicated by the baking process which results in bake loss (water evaporation) and potential vitamin degradation due to the high temperature of baking.  Also, the ingredient declaration must be adjusted for the bake loss.  For these products, the nutritional and other properties are adjusted to account for these factors.

Special Features for Beverage Companies

The System Includes Tracking of Key Beverage Information
ProductVision allows entry and calculation of key beverage information including Brix, acidity, carbonation, apparent density, color, acid, alcohol content, natural and artificial flavor %, case yield, and throw ratio.  Nutritional information for over 100 nutrients is available at the touch of a key.  Other information such as specifications, testing standards, vendor and customer information, and packaging and labeling information may also be entered for your ingredients and products.

Special Features for Dairy Companies

The System Includes Calculations for Key Dairy Properties
ProductVision includes entry and calculation of dairy properties including Butterfat %, MSNF %, Solids %, and Whey %.

Accelerate Ice Cream Creation in the Mix Spreadsheet
ProductVision’s exclusive Mix Spreadsheet automates the creation of mixes for ice cream, ice milk, frozen yogurt, water ices and other frozen mixes.

Automated Novelty Editor Simplifies Recipe Development for Bars, Cones, Pushups and other Novelties
Once you have developed your mixes using the Mix Spreadsheet, you may use the Ice Cream Editor to simplify the calculations required when using your mixes in products, including finished ice creams and novelties.

For ice creams, the Ice Cream Editor automatically varies mix Overrun %(s) as necessary to meet a desired product density.  For novelties, the editor calculates the mix Overrun % to meet a desired product size, for example, 4 fluid ounces.

Determine the Freeze Point for the Current Recipe
Using ProductVision’s flexible user-defined properties, you can easily display a freeze point curve for a product based upon the recipe’s composition (Butterfat, Total Solids, Sugar Concentration and type).

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