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Formula Management

Formula ManagementThe Formula Management module shortens and streamlines your product development process, resulting in faster time to market. It automates Formula Management with automatic calculation of all property and costing information.

Formula Management’s powerful query tool allows you to quickly locate existing products that match or approximate specific customer requests, thus allowing you to provide better service. Internally, queries save time and money by rapidly locating resources or ingredients that can be substituted for others, or items that meet any user-selected combination of property, cost, or component criteria.

Formula Management greatly reduces the effort required in creating new products and enhancing existing formulas and recipes. New raw materials and formulas/recipes may be copied entirely from existing items, or you may create new items simply by using drag-and-drop. The flexible editor allows free-form entry of an unlimited number of lines, including unlimited levels of intermediates.

Multi-level “where-used” and global change features allow rapid and accurate substitution of obsolete materials and ingredients.

Formula Management’s automated “alerts” functionality provides instant notification of problems during formula creation. Formulators can focus on what’s important – creating and enhancing products for quicker release to the marketplace. With Formula Management’s “What-If” analysis, you can quickly prototype new products. You may set a target property or cost value for a formula or recipe, “float” one or more components, and have the system arrive at the correct composition to meet the target. Alternately, a formula’s composition can be directly edited and Formula Management will recalculate and display the new formula properties.

ProductVision’s audit tracking features provide a complete history of changes made to an item. The date, time and User ID are recorded, along with the specific details of the change, so you never have to wonder when a change was made or by whom. This audit information is available for searching using the Audit Activity Query.

ProductVision allows you to secure your proprietary product information through the use of an extensive multi-level security rights. Individual formulas may be secured by assigning security types, preventing unauthorized users from viewing or editing them. Approved formulas and ingredients may be locked to prohibit further changes.

In summary, Formula Management gives your R&D department the competitive advantage.