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Nutrition Labeling

Nutrition LabelingThe Nutrition Labeling Module automatically creates food nutrition labels and ingredient declarations which comply with the current U.S. NLEA regulations as well as regulations for Canadian and European labels. This greatly reduces the time required to create the product label and guarantees consistency with the recipe.

The Nutrition Label Module includes all of the common labels that you may need including:

  • U.S. Vertical
  • U.S. Horizontal
  • U.S. Linear
  • U.S. Infant
  • U.S. Toddler
  • U.S. Supplemental (nutraceuticals)
  • U.S. Dual Declaration (cereal/milk, mix/prepared)
  • Canadian Vertical
  • Canadian Horizontal
  • EU format

These labels meet all of the formatting requirements for content and presentation including fonts and point size.  All labels can be printed in a Multi-Lingual format.

The program allows you to specify an unlimited number of ingredient descriptions for use on the ingredient declaration(s).  This is useful for country, language, and/or application specific reasons.  The program also can be tailored to create any number of independent ingredient declarations using these ingredient descriptions.  Similar components are automatically grouped according to description and placed in the proper order in the declaration.  System-generated ingredient declarations may be edited to account for special circumstances or company-specific standards.

The program also automatically calculates the proper ingredient declaration and reorders ingredients to account for water reconstitution of dehydrated ingredients.

Any allergens contained in the product are listed, as required.

The Resource Grouping feature allows you to combine multiple ingredients in parentheses or under a single name.  For example, you can combine Black Pepper, Oregano, and Nutmeg with parentheses as “Spices (Black Pepper, Oregano, Nutmeg)”.  Or you can group all natural and artificial flavors in a formula together and list them as “Natural and Artificial Flavors”.