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Paint, Coatings and Chemicals

paint formulation softwareCompanies in the paint, coatings, chemicals and ink industries have specific challenges that ProductVision is capable of addressing.

Compliance with hazardous chemical regulations (including GHS) is a major challenge. ProductVision meets requirement with the ability to automate creation and distribution of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and product labels in multiple formats and languages. This process is streamlined through ProductVision’s interfaces to industry-standard regulatory databases.

In this market, you must be able to rapidly analyze what the customer wants and translate those needs into a new product.  You need to develop new colors or modify existing products for new applications, sometimes several times a day. ProductVision Formula Management allows formulators to access past experiences and to rapidly create new products based upon this information. Laboratory calculation capabilities, such as solids percentage, pigment volume concentration (PVC), and volatile organic compounds (VOC) are built-in. Rapid prototyping of products is done in ProductVision’s powerful “What-If” function. Using this, the formulator can eliminate non-viable formulations before going to the bench to produce test batches. And, ProductVision allows you to perform regulatory assessments on your formulas while you are formulating so that you can immediately see the regulatory effects of a change BEFORE the formulation is finalized for commercialization. This ensures that you focus your product development efforts on the formulas that are most likely to meet your customers’ needs.

ProductVision’s exclusive PVPaint Module accelerates the creation of new and modified formulas.

This module encompasses our more than 30 years’ experience working with major Paint & Coatings companies world-wide. All relevant physical attributes of the coating are displayed along with the formula composition. PVPaint also greatly simplifies working with multi-part products, such as epoxies and urethanes, by allowing you to vary mix ratios directly and/or to calculate and set the stoichiometric ratios of the reactive constituents of the product.

Formula compareCompare Recipes Side-by-Side to Determine the Best Alternative

ProductVision allows you to compare an unlimited number of formulas directly in a spread-sheet view making comparisons of similar products a snap. The formula comparison is “tabbed” to allow you to compare formula compositions, properties, specifications, testing information, notes, alerts, and other information directly.

For further study, you can quickly export some or all of the information to Excel.  You may use the raw material comparison feature to perform similar studies for your raw materials.

Control Formula Creation and Revisions with Automated Approvals

ProductVision’s integrated Workflow Module greatly simplifies the execution and tracking of workflows that are commonly encountered in product development. This may include new product creation, reformulation projects, competitive analysis studies and new/edited product formula approvals. ProductVision allows you to integrate and optimize your business processes, providing increased efficiency and accountability.

Security Features Control Access and Editing of Formulations

ProductVision security allows you to restrict who may view, create, edit, delete, or print formulations. Formula access can be further restricted by formula type, location (entity) and status (“Experimental”, “Production”, etc.). This ensures that only qualified employees are able to view and/or modify your formula information.  And, full audit tracking allows you to view what changes were made, by whom, and when.

Fully Integrated Regulatory Compliance

The ProductVision Regulatory Compliance Module greatly simplify compliance with hazardous material regulations. ProductVision automatically generates raw material and formula-driven Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), product labels and other regulatory documents. The system fully supports all current US and EU, and GHS reporting requirements. Input of required resource information is simplified by using our integration to the 3E ADM and ChemAdvisor LOLI chemical property databases. Regulatory documents are created as industry-standard PDF documents which simplify distribution to you customers and employees.

ProductVision Includes Extensive Reporting

ProductVision has many standard reports which allow you to view your raw material, formula composition and property information, as well as allowing you to create your own custom reports using our powerful reporting tool.

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