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Our Partners

3E Company

3E Company is the leading provider of expert solutions for global environmental, health and safety management. Ariel’s comprehensive offerings capture more than 20 years of successfully delivering unparalleled quality and efficiency improvements to EH&S operations. 3E provides databases of raw material hazard and property information that is used when classifying and identifying hazards on Materials Safety Data Sheets and product labeling. The ProductVision Ariel Module seamlessly interfaces to the Ariel Data Manager™ (ADM) database to ensure that regulatory data inside of ProductVision is always up-to-date.

You can visit the 3E Company website here.

Citrix Systems, Inc.

Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS) has established itself as a world leader in Server-based Computing solutions. Today, thousands of companies worldwide utilize Citrix Server-based Computing software to provide cost-effective, manageable solutions for distributing business-critical applications to users–anytime, anywhere.  ASD utilizes Citrix software to implement ProductVision in a n-tier environment eliminating the need to install local ProductVision client software.

You can visit the Citrix Systems, Inc. website here.

ESHA Research, Inc.

ESHA Research, Inc. is a leading provider of food regulatory software and ingredient nutritional information. The ESHA Genesis database contains nutrient data for over 50,000 foods and tracks over 160 nutritional components. The data contained within the database was compiled from the latest USDA data, manufacturer’s data, and restaurant data comprising more than 1700 sources.

You can visit the ESHA Research, Inc. website here.


The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) is a trade organization for the Fragrance Industry that both promotes it members and also establishes regulatory and ethical standards for member countries. IFRA works closely with regulators and stakeholders to issue and update comprehensive safety standards, including toxicity and potential allergens. ASD and ProductVision Ltd. utilize their membership to ensure that ProductVision meets the IFRA standards for risk management and reporting in the Fragrance and Personal Care Products Industries.

You can visit the IFRA website here.

ChemAdvisor, Inc.

ChemAdvisor is an industry leader in international chemical regulatory compliance, offering a variety of database products, training programs, and consulting services for handling hazardous materials on a global basis. The ChemAdvisor LOLI (List Of Lists) database contains over 4,700 regulatory lists from 116 countries around the world. The ProductVision LOLI Module seamlessly interfaces to the LOLI database for use in preparing regulatory documents, such as material safety data sheets.

You can visit the ChemAdvisor, Inc. website here.

Quality Integrators Corporation (QIC)

Quality Integrators Corporation (QIC) has extensive experience in meeting the needs of manufacturing companies throughout North America. They are a client-driven, full service Systems Integrator who specializes in process improvement for all aspects of manufacturing, including product development, production, and management.

QIC is a full-service distributor for ASD’s ProductVision Process Manufacturing Software, providing sales, marketing, implementation, training, and support for customers in Canada.

You can visit the Quality Integrators Corporation (QIC) website here.