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Personal Care and Consumer Products

cosmetic formula softwareThe Personal Care and Consumer products industry has several challenges which complicate the product development process. Aggressive product innovation is the key to increased market share and consumer recognition in the Personal Care Industry, restricting the time you have to develop products. Country, product, and customer-specific regulatory restrictions on ingredients greatly complicate formulating products which are acceptable in all markets. The presence of allergens in many natural materials restricts what ingredients can be used and at what levels. And, allergens add significant reporting requirements. Finally, fragrance formulas tend to be extremely complex, with many ingredients and trace ingredients several levels deep.

The ProductVision Product Development System shortens and streamlines your product development process, resulting in faster time to market.  It automates formula creation with automatic calculation of all key product attributes, including allergen content. Query features allow you to easily find existing recipes that may meet new requirements. All formula revisions are automatically maintained.  Product development tasks can be tracked and controlled using Project and Workflow features.

Use Guidelines and Restrictions to Ensure That Your Formulas Meet Raw Material and Formulation Requirements Worldwide

The Guidelines & Restrictions Module provides the ability to identify restrictions for raw materials used in specific applications (identified by keywords) and geographic locations (markets). Statements can be assigned at either the raw material or formula level, indicating for which keyword, market, or composition amount they apply. Then, at the formula level, a guideline check is run to determine what specific restrictions exist for the raw materials at the specific amounts in the formula on either a worldwide basis or for a specific country/region.

Track Testing and QC Requirements in the Integrated Testing Module

The Testing Module is a powerful tool that allows you to enter extensive testing information for raw material and formula. A single test entry may include multiple test attributes, notes, and test results.

The flexible design of the module makes it ideal for many different types of tests including physical property, toxicological, microbiological, clinical, and analytical tests.  Test results can be numeric, character, date, or logical (true/false). You can set up a test to require as many test attributes and results entries as necessary to fully define the test conditions, final results and judgments (pass/fail).

Allergens can be Tracked Using ProductVision Properties

IFRATracking and reporting of allergens is frequently required when working with natural ingredients, such as those used in the Fragrance and Personal Care Products Industry. ProductVision includes many standard properties and reports to allow the formulator to report this information as required by IFRA and regulatory authorities. With this information, you can inform your customers of allergens contained in your products and ensure compliance with the maximum dosage levels for a fragrance allowed in the IFRA classes (Class 1A, 1B, 2, etc.).

Control Formula Creation and Revisions with Automated Approvals

ProductVision’s integrated Workflow Module greatly simplifies the execution and tracking of workflows that are commonly encountered in product development.  This may include new product creation, reformulation projects, competitive analysis studies and new/edited product formula approvals. ProductVision allows you to integrate and optimize your business processes, providing increased efficiency and accountability.

Security Features Control Access and Editing of Formulations

ProductVision security allows you to restrict who may view, create, edit, delete, or print formulations.  Formula access can be further restricted by formula type, location (entity) and status (“Experimental”, “Production”, etc.).  This ensures that only qualified employees are able to view and/or modify your formula information.

All Changes to Information in ProductVision are Recorded for Future Reference

All changes made to an item are logged by the system. Details of the change include the user who made the change, the date and time, and exactly what was changed on an item.

ProductVision allows you to prevent future changes to be made to a finished formula by assigning a “locked” status to the item or by moving the item to a non-editable Entity or Security Type.

Single Source for Product Information

ProductVision eliminates the need for multiple systems (spreadsheets, databases, additional software packages) to maintain product recipe, nutritional, specification and costing information. ProductVision gives the user a single source of information. With ProductVision there is one database which holds all information concerning ingredients and recipes, and that same integrated system handles the automatic calculation of product properties, costs, allergen content and product restrictions. Product Developers have access to information from their peers throughout the company, thus formulators work together as a team.

ProductVision Includes Extensive Reporting

ProductVision has many standard reports which allow you to view your ingredient, formula composition and property information, as well as allowing you to create your own custom reports using our ProductVision reporting tool.

The ProductVision Product Development System dramatically reduces the time traditionally required for development of new or improved products. ProductVision provides the tools necessary to manage all aspects of new product creation from formula development to packaging and manufacturing requirements.

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