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Product Lifecycle Management

product life cycle management software plm

ProductVision offers a full product lifecycle management software solution combining the formula management, projects, workflow and sampling modules effectively into one unique system designed for your business. The Projects Module combines all these features to provide the PLM tools you need to track and control your R&D projects. This flexible module has functions that allow you to automate many different project types, including new product development, raw material evaluations and competitive analysis. Users may create projects with an unlimited number of dependent sub-projects. For example, let’s assume you want to develop a new product based upon a customer request. For this, you might create related “sub-projects” to track tasks by different departments, including Marketing, Research & Development, Production, and Legal.

With this product lifecycle management software tool, each level of the project may have independent requirements, tracking dates, tasks, specifications, costs, and workflows.

Approval process

The Workflow Module may be used to automate the project workflow process – assigning Tasks and/or sending E-mails, as necessary, to project participants. Each step within the workflow processes allows for any necessary approval before continuing to the next step.

Sample tracking

The projects module integrates seamlessly with the sample tracking module to help you track and manage samples sent from the laboratory for customer evaluation.


The Projects Module may also be used to create a range of project documents e.g. electronic laboratory notebooks, product line MSDSs and product labels.