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Regulatory Compliance

regulatory compliance ghs safety data sheetsProductVision’s Regulatory Compliance Module integrates seamlessly with the Formula Management Module to greatly simplify compliance with hazardous communication regulations. Regulatory Compliance automatically generates Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) which meet or exceed reporting regulations worldwide, including the GHS (Global Harmonization System) regulations in the US, Europe (CLP) and elsewhere.  Input of required resource information is streamlined by using our integration to the 3E Company Ariel Data Manager (ADM) and ChemADVISOR LOLI chemical property databases.  Documents are produced in Adobe PDF format, greatly simplifying distribution both internally and externally.

The program allows you to create multi-language and multi-format SDSs.  For example, users may specify creation of a U.S. GHS SDS in English, a Canadian WHMIS format in French, and a Swiss CLP format in German, all for the same product. ProductVision’s visual SDS creation routines simplify compliance with differing regulations and customer requirements.  To further extend the flexibility of the system, all hazard text and property information is user-definable, thus ensuring compliance as regulations change.

You may customize the standard SDS templates provided with the program using the standard ProductVision report writer.  You may easily include graphic images like corporate logos or product photos, shading, boxes or other elements to highlight important information.  The resulting documents can be both functional and attractive, in order to present the right image for your company.

The program includes support for all aspects of GHS, including Hazard Classes, Categories, Pictograms, Hazard and Precautionary Statements and Signal Words.  ProductVision automatically determines the proper GHS assessment based upon the properties of the components in the product, the product composition, and attributes of the product itself.   The program also allows you to perform assessments on your products DURING FORMULATION to ensure that your products meet your expected regulatory requirements before they are commercialized.

Regulatory Compliance includes multiple language translations and is fully Unicode compliant, providing support for “double-byte” languages such as Japanese and Chinese.