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The Workflow Module greatly simpworkflow approvallifies the execution and tracking of workflows that are commonly encountered in product development. This may include new product creation, reformulation projects, competitive analysis studies, and raw material replacement projects.

The Workflow Module allows you to integrate and optimize your business processes, providing increased efficiency and accountability. Any number of unique workflow processes can be created for different product lines, plant locations, or for any other reason. Using ProductVision Tasks and/or your organization’s email system, all participants in the approval process are actively involved, speeding the product development process. The Workflow Module guarantees that the routing will be sent to the right individuals for action based upon your business rules. This ensures that tasks do not fall through the cracks, paperwork associated with that process is eliminated, and dependence on clerical staff is reduced, allowing you to deliver more with existing resources.

The Workflow Module has features which allow you to model complex processes. These features include “go to” branching, conditional execution of steps, the ability to “chain” multiple approval processes, and user-defined script execution.

A workflow process may contain any number of steps and each step may have one or more actions and approvals associated with it. For each step, the creator of the process decides what actions to take at the beginning, during, and at the end of the step. For example, a typical starting action would be to assign a Task to one or more members of a department and describe the action to be performed. The interested parties are immediately informed of the new Task by the Workflow Notification Service running on the user’s desktop.

workflow approvalViewing the current status of your workflows is enhanced using the Workflow Scheduling function.

This function has extensive tailoring options to allow you to customize the presentation to match your specific requirements.  The Workflow Administrator allows you to determine the status of any or all current workflow processes.  The powerful query system lets you query your workflows by manager, participant(s), group, start date, required, date, “late” workflows, and many other attributes.