Advantages of Using ProductVision®

Because of the collaborative nature of ProductVision® software and the fully integrated modules that allow you to simultaneously consider and evaluate many factors contributing to a successful product introduction (technical performance, cost, regulatory compliance, etc.), you reduce the risk associated with spending limited resources on developing a product that will not be a commercial success.

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Product Development Software Features

System Features

ProductVision® provides the most extensive functionality of any product development system on the market. From Formula and Project Management, to Workflow Automation and Regulatory Compliance, ProductVision® leverages over three decades of experience at hundreds of process manufacturing companies, allowing us to both understand and anticipate the features customers want.

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Product Development Software Partners

Our Partners

ProductVision® is compatible with many different software programs and systems. Click here to find out more about our development partners and how ProductVision® seamlessly integrates throughout your enterprise.

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Product Development Software Requirements

System Requirements

Find out more about ProductVision’s open architecture, features and the system requirements needed to utilize our software, for seamless collaboration, across the enterprise.

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Product Development Software Formula Management Module

Formula Management Module

Formula Management greatly reduces the effort required in creating new products and enhancing existing formulas and recipes. New raw materials and formulas/recipes may be copied entirely from existing items, or you may create new items simply by using drag-and-drop. The flexible editor allows free-form entry of an unlimited number of lines, including unlimited levels of intermediates.

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Product Development Software Workflow Module

Workflow Module

The ProductVision® Workflow Module greatly simplifies the execution and tracking of workflows that are commonly encountered in product development. This may include new product creation, reformulation projects, competitive analysis studies and raw material replacement projects. The Workflow Module allows you to integrate and optimize your business processes, providing increased efficiency and accountability.

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Product Development Software Project Tracking Module

Project Tracking Module

ProductVision’s Project Tracking Module provides the tools you need to track and control R&D projects. This flexible module has functions which allow you to automate many different project types including new product development, raw material evaluations, and competitive analysis.

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Product Development Software Document Management Module

Document Management Module

The Document Management Module allows you to merge a group of documents and/or images into a single “master” document created as an Adobe PDF file. The Document object in ProductVision® allows attaching documents to multiple “parents”, and adds document versioning, security and metadata, that can be queried.

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Product Development Software Testing Module

Testing Module

The Testing Module is a powerful tool that allows you to enter extensive testing information for a raw material or formula. A single test entry may include multiple test attributes, test conditions, notes, test results and overall judgment (pass/fail).

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Product Development Software Regulatory Compliance Module

Regulatory Compliance Module

The Regulatory Compliance Module automatically generates raw material and formula-driven Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and product labels, which meet or exceed reporting regulations, worldwide, including the GHS (Global Harmonization System) regulations in the US, Europe (CLP) and elsewhere.

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Product Development Software Nutritional Labeling Module

Nutritional Labeling Module

ProductVision’s seamlessly integrated Nutrition Labeling Module automatically creates food nutrition labels and ingredient declarations which comply with the current 2018 U.S. NLEA regulations, as well as current and pending regulations for Canadian and European Union labels.

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Product Development Software Guidelines & Restrictions Module

Guidelines & Restrictions Module

ProductVision’s Guidelines & Restrictions Module provides the tools necessary to maintain compliance with country, market, and/or application specific ingredient restrictions worldwide. The guideline logic checks restrictions entered for the ingredients contained in the product and determines whether the product is acceptable for the chosen market area or application.

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Product Development Software Sample Tracking Module

Sample Tracking Module

ProductVision’s Sample Tracking Module provides a tool to track and manage samples sent from the lab for customer evaluation. Because it is fully integrated with other modules, it is easy to find formulas with specific characteristics to meet your needs.

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Product Development Software ProductVision.NET Module

ProductVision.NET Module

ProductVision’s ProductVision.NET Module allows for web access to ProductVision objects. ProductVision.NET is compatible with all modern browsers. ProductVision.NET was designed with full “responsive” capability, allowing ProductVison.NET to dynamically size the displayed information based on the device used (computer, tablet, or smart phone).

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